What is a social group?

To answer the question of what a social group is, you need to go back to ancient times and recall that humanity has always survived in society. In primitive society, groups were created, which united in society. Therefore, the association of people who have a common goal, which is the connection between an individual person and society, is called a social group.

What are the groups

The main aspects of social life are laid in social groups. They have their own rules and regulations, ceremonies and rituals. As a result of groups, self-discipline, morality, and abstract thinking appear.

Social groups are divided into small and large. If you combine two people with one task and goal, it will already be a small social group. In a small group can be from two to ten people. These people have their own activities, communication, purpose. An example of a small social group can be a family, a company of friends, relatives.

Large social groups are formed a little differently.These people may not directly contact each other. But they are united by the realization that they belong to a group, they have a common psychology and customs, a way of life. An example of large social groups can be an ethnic community, a nation.

The size of groups depends on the individuality of its members, and cohesion depends on the size of the group: the smaller it is, the more cohesive it becomes. If the group expands, it means that respect, tolerance, and consciousness must develop in it.

Social groups, their types

Consider the types of social groups. They are primary and secondary. Under the first type refers to a group of people who are of great importance for the individual, people who in his life occupy a significant place. Secondary groups are groups where the individual has some practical purpose, joining it. An individual can move from the primary to the secondary group and vice versa.

The next type of social groups is internal and external groups. If we belong to a group, it means that for us it will be internal, and if we do not belong, then it will be external. Here an individual can also move from group to group, respectively, and her status will change.

Reference groups are groups in which people have the opportunity to compare themselves with other people, these are objects to which we pay attention when forming our views. Such a group can be a benchmark for assessing their views. We ourselves may belong to the reference group, but we may not belong.

And the last kind of groups - formal and informal. They are based on the structure of the group. In the formal group, its members interact with each other according to the rules and regulations. In informal groups, these rules are not adhered to.

Characteristics and signs of groups

Signs of a social group are always clearly expressed. If you analyze them, you can select several main ones:

  • having a single goal that is important to the members of the whole group;
  • the existence of rules and regulations that operate within the group itself;
  • between the members of the group there is a system of solidarity.

If all these rules are in groups, then, respectively, the group is highly integrated. Depending on the characteristics and type, the structure of the social group is formed.

Characteristic of social groups.This includes the structure and size of groups, methods of managing the group. Based on the size of the group, one can say about the relationship between its members. The closest and strongest relationship occurs between two members of a group, it can be a husband and wife, friends. Here, emotions play a big role. If more people are added, then new relationships are restored in the group, not always good ones.

Often, one person is separated from the group who becomes its leader or leader. If the group is small, then it can do without a leader, and if it is large, then its absence will settle the chaos in the group. If a person falls into the group, then he has the ability to make a sacrifice, weakening control over his body and thoughts. This is an indicator that social groups play a significant role in the life of mankind.

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