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What is a torrent?

Torrent trackers are becoming more and more popular in recent days. Let's understand the concept of a torrent. This and devote our article. So:

What is a torrent?

Torrent tracker is a resource on the Internet that offers free download any materials that are available on this tracker. What can be presented as materials? These can be films, serials, music, music videos, books, textbooks, photographs, pictures, computer programs, computer games and consoles, instructions for various devices, and so on. You can find almost everything on torrents and download it for free. How is the copyright issue resolved? This issue is solved by the special status of the site, which distributes torrents. Such a website is created as a kind of virtual space, where everyone can share what he has acquired in a legal way. Thus, a person who has bought, for example, a movie or music disc, shares it with all users of the site on a voluntary basis.One of the most important conditions that the distributor must comply with is the legality of purchasing the goods he shares.

What are peers in torrent?

The concepts of the feast are united under two other concepts. Siders and leechers are peers. Thus, peers in the torrent are participants in file sharing. Someone from the participants is the source of the file, that is, he distributes it. Someone takes this file and downloads it. As one of the file sharing participants downloads the file, he also distributes the already downloaded pieces. This system works very quickly and well, since the download does not happen from the site servers, but from the personal computers that distribute. It turns out that the torrent site is an intermediary that allows you to offer torrents. In addition to intermediary functions, the torrent tracker offers its participants a convenient search system, which is organized in the form of a regular forum. The most important part of the torrent site is that you cannot sell anything on it. Participants of the torrent tracker can only share with other participants.

What are seeds in torrent?

The concept of sid is included in the concept of peers. Cider is the person who gives out the material.Sider can be of two types. The original source is the person who created the torrent file and organized its distribution. This person is the one who bought the film, the book, the disc and so on. He is the copyright holder and can give away his purchase. The second type of sider is people who have already downloaded the product proposed by the original source. They automatically distribute the downloaded material if they have not removed it from the torrent agent. The download speed of the torrent file depends to a large extent on the number of siders. The more siders, the faster the torrent file is uploaded. This situation occurs when the distribution of material that has been long awaited begins. As the most vivid example of such torrent files are movie novelties released on disk media. As soon as a person buys a disc, he can immediately place it on a torrent tracker and start distributing it.

What is a "download torrent"?

In order to download a torrent, we need a torrent client. This program is engaged in the processing of torrent files. Without it, you can not download any torrent file, and, accordingly, the material. These programs are free.They are offered on official tracker sites. The most common among them are uTorrent and BitTorrent. The program offers the user a convenient interface that shows all the necessary information about the details of downloading files. Also, the program provides a control panel for torrents and the program itself for more efficient and autonomous use of the torrent tracker. With the help of a torrent client, you can not only download the material you like, but also create your own distribution that will meet all the requirements of the torrent site. We repeat that you can not download a torrent file without a torrent client.

What is a torrent file?

Often, the answer to this question causes some confusion and misunderstanding. Let's try to more accurately understand the torrent files. The main question, in this case, should be formulated as follows: "Is the torrent file the downloaded material?" This is the mistake. Torrent file is not downloadable material. Everything that you download are inside the torrent file. At its core, a torrent file is a conductor or intermediary between your computer and the file downloading and distribution system.Torrent client can only work with a torrent file. And the torrent file, in turn, is opened only with the help of a torrent client. As already mentioned, "inside the torrent file is downloadable material." What is meant? The torrent file indicates the path to your computer to the repository, from where you want to download the movie you are interested in and the program. The torrent file can be represented in the form of a tunnel that directly connects your computer and the place from which the material is being downloaded.

What is the distribution in the torrent?

Distribution is created by the person who purchased something and wants to share it. All the topics on the torrent tracker forum are organized as a rassadach. Distributions allow you to find everything you need. Creating a distribution on a torrent tracker is a big procedure that requires adherence to strict site rules. Some distributions may be closed by site administrators at the request of the copyright holders. In this case, you don’t even need to try to protest and be indignant, because the attitude towards the torrents is already dubious. It’s no secret that creators lose a huge amount of money precisely because of such resources as torrent trackers.It turns out that their copyrights are not fully implemented, although they are not formally violated. It is on this contradiction that the whole system of torrent sites is built.

Will you use a torrent tracker, you decide, dear reader.

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