What is added to the water?

Even the most uneducated people avoid drinking tap water. Very few people like the smell of chlorine, and the tastes of such water do not please anyone. Most people use a variety of filters to clean or buy bottled water, relying on the assurances of the manufacturer that it is clean, natural, and even purified. However, there are cases when neither filters, nor supermarkets are inaccessible - on a hike, in a country house, on fishing. In such situations, you begin to think: what is added to water to make it suitable for drinking?

Alcohol water purification

Some believe that the ancient Greeks were all totally alcoholic — they only drank wine. However, in fact, the wine was added to the water in very small quantities. Alcohol served as a disinfectant that killed microbes and bacteria. In the modern world, in addition to such natural hazards, there are also salts of heavy metals and chemical compounds that cannot be removed in this primitive way. However, in field conditions, people who add some wine to the water (alcohol, vodka, as an option),guaranteed at least from diarrhea and dysentery.

Salt water purification

The salt method was no less popular in the old days. A couple of liters of water put a tablespoon of ordinary kitchen salt. Half an hour after that, a significant part of the microbes and bacteria died. The advantage of this method is that heavy metals precipitate in the form of salts. The downside is that the water becomes salty. More materials on what is added to water to make it cleaner can be found in the article How to purify water. There are a lot of simple and quick methods.

Silicon water purification

If you have some time left, you can use silicon. With some geological knowledge, it can be found independently, but in their absence it is enough to go to the pharmacy - silicon is sold in almost every one of them. Both healers and doctors are inclined to believe that it cures many diseases, while lying in water for a while, gives it some trace elements, disinfects and removes the unpleasant taste. So this stone is added to the water not only for cleaning, but also for improving the taste of stagnant or mined water near sulfur water sources.It is extremely simple to use it: washed it, put it in a container for a day - and the water is ready for use.

Silver water purification

With his help, make "holy" water. We will not argue with those who believe that silver is not enough to receive it - we also need a blessing. This is a matter of faith, and we will not touch upon it. However, the disinfecting properties of this metal (silver) have been known for a very long time. So not only believers add it to the water, but also those who want to disinfect the liquid. Again, it is very easy to apply this method: you need to put any silver object on the bottom of the vessel with the water being cleaned (usually a spoon is used). The longer it will be in the liquid, the better. There are two factors to consider. First of all, you need to be sure that silver is pure, without impurities. The second caveat: this metal is still a heavy one. So, it is probably not worth drinking exclusively “silver” water - there is a possibility of poisoning.

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