What is dance?

One of the most beautiful art forms is dance. This is an expression of emotions, feelings, thoughts, a story about what is happening, the former and the future with the help of music, plastics, gestures, rhythmic movements. The dance conveys to the audience all the passion, the artist and the author of the work, all the energy and even the inner world. So, in childhood we learn what dance is. Remember, two prtopa, three swat? This is not just a series of movements that instill a sense of rhythm and train visual memory. This is the first formation of the image embodied in the movement. What then was the image, the answer is simple. Fun, joy and rhythm! That's what dance means in childhood. And what's next? Where do we run into it?

Folk dance

The first folk dance appeared in the ancient tribes, when the men before the hunt arranged a dance around an imaginary booty. They put a lot of sense in their movements, a huge amount of emotions and a violent desire to defeat the beast. Over time, the dances became distant from this plot, and beauty, musicality, lyrics, and sensual emotionality began to appear in them. Every nation now has its own.Studying them, one can understand what a folk dance is, and what its characteristic performance depends on. If it is Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian dance, the movements in them are smooth, beautiful and wide, as is the area where these people live, they reflect the peace and breadth of the soul, the beauty and majesty of nature. And if we look at the Georgian dance, we will see in it mountainous noisy rivers, waterfalls, hot scorching sun, stingy vegetation. After all, the movements of the dance are sharp, hard, precise - in men, and in women they are smooth, but stingy, short, the steps are small, floating.

Classic dance

Classical dance is ballet. There are no scenes in it, fairy tales, legends, myths, even literary works of the classics are the basis of modern ballets. In them, dancers should have a much greater skill, as it is necessary to tell a complex plot without words, only with the help of body movements. There are many performances that even impossible to imagine in another genre! The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Carmen and many others. Classical ballet in modern performance is distinguished by a variety of movements, courage elements.Using his example, it is very easy to explain what dance is. The definition is this: it is a combination of plastic, rhythmic movements, gestures, with music, under which the dancer moves. Most often, the dance has its own plot, it tells a story about life, about love, happiness, as well as about human evil, betrayal, about the struggle of these two principles.

Modern dance

If the dance - dance, ballet - classical dance, then what do young people demonstrate on the streets, putting a sheet of wood-plating on the asphalt? This is called the buzzword subculture, and dance is break dance. There is no plot, mood, passion, emotions, good and evil. Here there is only a technical performance of techniques and tricks. It looks beautiful, spectacular, but it has a secondary relationship to art. Because it is a real sport, for strong and strong guys.

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