What is gelatin?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
March 25, 2013
What is gelatin?

Many of us love jelly. It is very useful because of the gelatin, which forms the basis of the dessert. What is gelatin? Gelatin is a partially hydrolyzed collagen protein that has neither color nor odor. In other words, gelatin is a processed animal connective tissue. It looks like a transparent viscous mass.

Gelatin is considered an excellent dietary product, it is perfectly absorbed by the body. For fractures and cracks in the bones, gelatin is indispensable, as it contributes to the speedy healing of bone tissue and the restoration of joints after injuries. If you eat gelatin, you can improve the condition of nails, hair, can be used in the composition of masks or baths for nails. Doctors even attribute to osteochondrosis the use of gelatin.

Gelatin contains many amino acids that are necessary for the body. This product is a source of energy, strengthens the heart muscle and stops gastric bleeding.

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