What is Hi-Fi?

Yevhen Bakin
Yevhen Bakin
December 19, 2014
What is Hi-Fi?

In an era when technical innovations delight us almost every day, it is sometimes difficult to stay in this stream and be aware of everything that happens. For example, Hi-Fi appeared quite a long time ago and is widely known, but very few people know what is behind this name.

In this article, we will analyze what Hi-Fi is and how to determine whether the technology complies with this standard.


What is hi fi? Hi-Fi (translated from English High Fidelity - high accuracy) is a technical term, which means that audio equipment reproduces sound as close as possible to its source.

The Hi-Fi mark in the list of equipment capabilities indicates its compliance with the Hi-Fi standard - DIN 45500 or IEC 60581. Then what is hi fi acoustics? This is a hi-fi speaker system.

According to standards, requirements apply to devices, the values ​​of which depend on their type. For example, for speaker systems there are the following characteristics:

  • Nonlinearity of the frequency response in the range of 100-4000 Hz, dB - ± 4 dB (+ 4 / -8 dB);
  • The coefficient of nonlinear distortion at frequencies of 250-1000 Hz (2000 Hz) - up to 3%;


How to choose Hi-Fi? When choosing a technique, you should decide what purpose you are pursuing.There are a large number of home theaters, turntables and amplifiers with the above mark. Of course, you can listen to music with the help of a home cinema, but if you are talking about a sound that is close to the present, then you should think about it. Some stereo amplifiers and other components of musical equipment cost more than the entire home theater system. Of course, both options are related to Hi-Fi, but their quality is significantly different.

So now you know what hi fi is.

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