What is sarcasm: meaning and application

Sarcasm: what is it for the current generation? A way to humiliate the interlocutor, or just laugh wittily, well hiding his mockery behind incomprehensible "sacrifice" words? Recently, the word “sarcasm” has lost itself to a special social activity of adolescents, instead the concept of “trolling” has come into use. But what is the true meaning of the word "sarcasm", when should it be used and how is it different from trolling?

What is sarcasm

what is sarcasm

If you quote all the truisms, then this is the highest degree of irony. Sarcasm is a well-hidden mock of an opponent. Just insulting someone in plain text, you can feel like a frank boor, or even cattle. But if you veil your stinging expression in front of your interlocutor, express what you want and remain unnoticed, having received in response only an awkward barely smiling nod because of a misunderstanding of what was said, then you no longer feel that you are the last inhabitant of the most untidy local tavern.From here, answering the question of what is sarcasm, one can approach the main irreplaceable detail of such ridicule. Sarcasm is not just an opportunity to laugh at a person, it is the ability to express something negative in his face, hiding what was said in a kind of joke. He is absolutely merciless in nature because he is called to expose his opponent. Therefore, sarcasm is often harsh and does not “soften the corners”, sometimes even slightly insulting the interlocutor. This technique is very popular for people on TV screens, namely, presenters of various shows, politicians, various stars, and so on. Since the current generation has moved forward quite strongly, it is now very fashionable to post sarcastic messages in personal micro-blogs on Twitter and Vkontakte. So, if we talk about what sarcasm is now, it is often a way to humiliate a person publicly, using his opportunities to instantly disseminate information (it’s enough for a well-known person to write just one tweet so that the entire Internet community is up to date in the next few minutes)

sarcasm what is it

The difference between the values ​​of "sarcasm" and "trolling"

meaning of the word sarcasm

If you do not go into details, then these two concepts really very much resemble each other, however, the new term (relatively) does not quite accurately convey the idea of ​​sarcasm. This enchanting ridicule must be properly managed, because in some cases your opponent may simply be smarter by responding with a much stronger sarcastic expression. You should also think about whether you would like the other person to understand the mockery, or do you need the rest of the listeners to understand it? It is important. However, this does not matter if the “victim” does not know what sarcasm is, in which case the ridicule will not come out interesting enough. Trolls use sarcasm as one of their main tools for bullying and ridiculing their "victims." They do it for no reason, often not to show themselves smarter, and others - more stupid - for which sarcasm is needed, but only for humiliation and just for the sake of argument from scratch. But be that as it may, sarcasm will always be alive, because, although it does not carry anything positive, it makes a person feel somewhat more pleasant when sarcastic expressions are truly successful.

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