What is shaping?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
January 25, 2013
What is shaping?

Shaping is not only a comprehensive exercise program, but also a certain lifestyle that is felt when you are in the gym. Professional coaches advise you to engage in shaping not only in the gym, but also at home, but you cannot achieve an excellent result without a trainer. First, you will be distracted by trifles, and secondly, you will use gentle exercises. In the hall there is an incentive to do more and better.

If you want to do shaping and a beginner in this business, then first you need to know what shaping is.

Rhythmic gymnastics

In fact, shaping is gymnastics in rhythm, which helps to change and adjust the shape of the body. In shaping it is very important to do all the exercises as accurately and correctly as possible. Before starting a class, the specialist analyzes the woman’s figure, identifies her shortcomings, then draws up an individual shaping program to improve the figure. In shaping, there are two stages.The first - catabolic - helps to get rid of excess fat, the second - anabolic - helps to achieve clarity of the figure and the relief of the figure. In general, shaping classes are usually 2 times a week. Exercises are performed with a high amplitude, without large burdens, at an even pace, with a large number of repetitions.

The first step to a good figure

You need to enroll in a shaping class. Now there are quite a lot of them, and you can easily choose the best class location for yourself.

But exercise alone is not enough. If you want to “edit” your body, you must eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. This will also help you maintain your youth.

A good coach for each person selects an individual technique. It assesses your state of health and takes into account the constitution of your body. In the elite salons you can in Photoshop adjust your ideal figure, which you can really achieve, to which you will have to strive.

Preparation for training

  • On training days, you must refuse fatty foods.
  • One and a half hours before and after it is advisable not to eat anything.
  • Twenty minutes before and after training you need to drink 150 grams of non-carbonated water (it is undesirable to drink water during exercise, but you can drink a little to moisten your throat).

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