What is the concept?

Mark Mikhalev
Mark Mikhalev
March 25, 2013
What is the concept?

Often people misunderstand or do not understand at all what a concept is. Under the concept can be understood:

  1. The concept (conceptio - representation, system, representation, lat.) Is the fundamental idea, the idea, the essence of the project, based on which, determine the strategy of actions for its realization into reality. This can be the concept of a business / enterprise, which includes areas of activity, organizational form, marketing, market policies, etc. An example of a product concept is the concept of a car - a car project embodied in a single version for presentation to the public, or existing only “on paper” in the form of design sketches.
  2. The concept is a certain way of interpreting, understanding of any phenomenon in our world. A complex of opinions, views, theories, principles and hypotheses that form a unified system of views. An example of a philosophical or religious concept is sophism, platonism, tolstoism, kabalism, Judaism, communism, sharia, paganism.

Now you know what a concept is. Use this concept in your daily life correctly.

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