Which jeep to buy?

The man who decided to purchase an SUV, is waiting for a very difficult choice. Especially if he does not have a specific model, with specific features. Let's just say, all kinds of different cars of this class, carry a completely different qualities that interest the consumer. It even happens that different modifications, but of the same model, can be used for completely different purposes. In fact, the choice of an SUV translates into a real problem. Therefore, in this article, we will help you decide which jeep is better to buy.

SUV classification

There is a wide variety of types and types of SUVs. Some of them can easily dissect urban spaces, but once off-road, they will be useless, while others will be able to travel the distance in difficult conditions, but after leaving the track, they will look like a tank. More diverse are the two categories of SUVs.

What are the jeeps

  • Parquet or asphalt SUVs.
  • These SUVs.

Moreover, the latter category, in turn, is divided into three additional groups:

  • SUVs designed for outdoor activities.
  • Simple, or ordinary SUVs.
  • Professional SUVs.

Of course, there is a whole mass of transitional options, exceptions and compromises. It happens that a certain car can not be attributed to a particular category. For example, some experts are inclined to believe that American SUVs do not belong to any of the above groups, they are just a thing in and of themselves.

You think, why this separation, what kind of jeep to buy? Well, if you decided to buy yourself an SUV, in any case, you have already noticed something, chose from something. But the categories are created due to the fact that a jeep is not a small car, when choosing a jeep you should first think logically, because if you choose something “not your own,” you can be very disappointed. Take, for example, the purchase of an SUV Nissan Patrol. A person who travels around the city all his time, acquiring this jeep, will not be able to feel all its possibilities in urban conditions, and he will equally feel all the shortcomings of this car, mainly designed for off-road.Even statistics show that about 90% of the owners of jeeps do not use their quality as intended.

And you can spend a lot of time in the salons, asking what is the best jeep, the new answer, you will hear only the phrase: “Do you need a jeep for what purposes?” In each group, there are options for their flagship models, good quality and with all sorts of bells and whistles and characteristics.

What to choose

So which jeep to choose. Consider options according to categories.

  • Parquet SUVs - equipped with all-wheel drive and high ground clearance. They are not much different from passenger cars, and very often they are somehow similar to them. Vulvo V70 Cross and Subary Legacy Outback are vivid examples of this car class.
  • The second subgroup of parquet jeeps looks like jeeps, the same aggressive design and durability of the lines, but off-road it is better not to drive on them. This group includes such cars: Lexus RX300, Toyota RAV4, BMW X5. Technically, these cars are equipped with independent suspensions at the back and front, with the body. But their transmission does not boast twists. Sometimes they are equipped with a drive only on one axle.The second can only be connected when the jeep slips. The driver behind the wheel of such a car will feel comfortable, as if he is driving in a regular car, but with advanced features. But it is worth remembering that traveling to the wilderness on such machines is not possible, since you simply load in the first swamp.
  • A transitional group of jeeps, or ordinary SUVs, are presented as a transitional option. They can travel in a variety of conditions, but not in all. This is due to the fact that the designers tried to somehow make this class of jeeps suitable for driving around the city. These cars are equipped with a solid frame, dependent rear suspension and all-wheel drive with a number of gears down. Sometimes, in them, even there is a function of blocking at least one differential. This category includes Mercedes ML, Toyota Land Cruiser 100, Mitsubishi Pajero and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Yes, indeed, these cars can go off-road, but if you get carried away with it too often, the car will simply break down quickly. Also, driving through such cars in the city, it is worth remembering that they have a high center of gravity, the stopping distance is much longer than that of passenger cars, and therefore you should not go into sharp turns at high speed, as you can simply roll over.
  • And the last class is professional SUVs. They are equipped with a powerful frame, front and rear axle suspension, locking of three differentials, rear, front and center, high torque. It is worth thinking before buying these cars, they are expensive, and it’s not comfortable to drive around the city. This class includes Nissan Patrul, Mercedes G-Class, Land Rover Discovery, and, probably, our notorious UAZ.

I hope our article will help you figure out what kind of jeeps are and contribute to your right choice.

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