What popular smooth breed dogs exist?

Long-haired breeds are a real passion and love of girls, so if you have a daughter, she will definitely ask for herself. However, keep in mind that long wool is also an additional concern. The dog needs to be constantly bathed and combed, and during shedding carefully clean the spilled hair. If you are not ready for such tests, then pay attention to the smooth-haired breeds of dogs, their huge number. Large, medium and small, these dogs will become your reliable friends and faithful companions.smooth breed dogs

Nuances of choosing a dog for an apartment

The smaller your home, the more carefully you need to choose your future pet, so immediately pay attention to the small smooth-haired breeds of dogs. The fact is that the animal must be given its own territory, otherwise you will have a deeply unhappy dog.In addition, your pet will live in close proximity to you, so you need to hold advice with each member of the family. If at least one against such a neighborhood, you must cancel the decision to buy a pet.small smooth breed dogsIn the majority of apartments in summer it is hot, so smooth-haired breeds of dogs are preferable to choose. Imagine a Siberian husky or Akita, a Caucasian guard dog - a dog with a magnificent coat - in a one-room apartment! Both the owner and the pet will obviously suffer.

Nuances of choosing a dog for a private house

Think about where your pet will live. If you are looking for a pet for the house, then smooth-haired breeds of dogs are perfect. If you need a guard who will live in a booth or an aviary, then, of course, you need pets with luxurious wool. In this case, a private house usually differs much more spacious size, that is, you are not limited in their choice. Large smooth-haired dogs, the breeds of which we will now consider, will be not only ideal companions and bodyguards, but also watchmen, who will keep a watchful eye on the safety of your property.smooth breed dog photo

Small dogs

Let's first look at small smooth-haired breeds of dogs. This is primarily pugs. Funny and funny, they become the favorites of the whole family. This is a convivial creation that will be happy to play with your child. They give in to training poorly, but they perfectly understand their masters, provided that they make contact. In addition, it is a scotch terrier and, of course, the famous toy terrier. But keep in mind that these babies have a grumpy disposition, are often intolerant to others, and also prone to various diseases. There are other small smooth breed dogs. These are dachshund, chihuahau, Chinese crested, bigley and many others. All these lovely creatures will be worthy residents of the apartment.medium smooth breed dogs

Medium dogs

If you have a large spacious apartment, then the choice is significantly expanded. You can also consider medium smooth-haired breeds of dogs. Number one would like to mention the poodle. Strictly speaking, he does not have hair, but hair. He does not fade, but needs haircuts. However, there is to make this procedure regularly, then there is nothing difficult about it. In second place is a boxer. Very clever and infinitely loyal, this dog will deliver a lot of pleasant moments. The only difficulty: still the puppy must be made to understand that the main thing in the house is a man.Next on the list is the American Staffordshire Terrier, the English Bulldog and the American Pit Bull Terrier. It is also very popular today Shar Pei. These wonderful plush creations are really awesome. But keep in mind that their character is quite grumpy. In addition, despite the fact that their wool is short, everything is covered with it during shedding. Short hairs are not removed as easily as long hairs, so cleaning becomes a very difficult task. Otherwise, all these smooth-haired breeds of dogs (photos cannot demonstrate all their diversity) are wonderful and devoted animals that need a kind and loving owner.large smooth-haired breed dogs

Big dogs

If you live in a mansion or a private house, you can choose without limitation among all representatives of our smaller brothers. However, today our attention is represented by large smooth-haired dogs. Breeds are the most diverse, but for the most part these are guards, bodyguards who, living with you under the same roof, will carry round-the-clock service. These are Rottweilers and Great Dane, Labradors, Doberman Pinschers.This also includes many hunting breeds - cops, hounds. Handsome men can-Corso and Mastino neopolitano also belong to smooth-haired breeds. They are distinguished by excellent intelligence and ingenuity, a tendency to quickly undergo training. Despite their impressive size, these animals are very attached to their owners, and with the right upbringing they will never harm a person.

Let's sum up

To date, there are about 500 dog breeds. At least half of them are smooth-haired breeds. Big and small, funny and serious, balanced and playful - they all need one thing: the owner must accept them as they are, love them simply because they are near. Therefore, before taking responsibility for the life of the creature infinitely in love with you, consider whether you are ready for this. Maybe the opportunity to sleep in the morning and sit in the evening longer at work for you is much more important.

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