What salads can I make for my birthday? Festive salads birthday: recipes, photos

What salads can I make for my birthday? This question is asked every year almost all hostesses. After all, a birthday is a holiday on which only the closest and dearest people come. And, to thank them for their attention, everyone wants to set a beautiful and satisfying table. Today we will talk about what salads can be prepared for a birthday party, if your budget does not allow you to purchase expensive and overseas products.what salads can you make for your birthday

General information

Many know what salads can be prepared for a birthday party. But if you do not have this information, we will share it a little lower. It should be noted that the choice of a particular dish should depend not only on individual preferences of individual guests or the size of your budget, but also on what month the birthday person was born.So, summer birthday salads often include very light foods in the form of fresh vegetables, berries and fruits. If your birthday party falls on the winter season, then you can use more hearty dishes with meat, sausages, mayonnaise and other sauces.

Cooking together "Man's caprice"

Quick birthday salads are valuable because they can be prepared in a short period of time, and served to the table without waiting for all the ingredients to soak in the sauce. In this regard, "Man's whim" - the perfect dish. For it, we need the following components:

  • young calf meat without fat and pits - about 600 g;
  • vinegar 6% table - 80 ml;
  • sweet white bulbs - 2 small pcs .;
  • mayonnaise sour cream or quail egg - add at your discretion;
  • Rural egg with the maximum yellow yolk - 3 pcs .;
  • cheese of any solid varieties - about 180 g;
  • medium-sized salt - add to taste in meat.

Ingredients preparation

Birthday salads, whose photos you can see in this article, can be light and nourishing. Presented dish called "Man's whim" refers more to the second option.After all, this salad is a protein, and, accordingly, they can quickly get enough.simple birthday salads

Thus, in order to independently make such a dish, you should wash the veal, put it in a saucepan, add salt, pour water and cook until the product is completely soft. Next, the meat is required to remove, cool and chop on a very thin straw. By the way, pouring the broth is not recommended, because you can make a very tasty and rich soup out of it.

After processing the meat product, you must peel the onions and crumble it in the form of thin half-rings. To give this vegetable a little spiciness and aroma, it should be soaked in vinegar (for half an hour). Next, the product is required to rinse in a sieve and squeeze well from excess moisture.

As for the village eggs, they need to boil, cool and grate on a fine grater. The same should be crushed and hard cheese.

Formation process

Festive salads for birthday are different. Some of them require mixing all the components at once. However, the presented dish called “Male Caprice” needs to be laid out in dishes only in layers.To do this, you need to take a large diameter, but not very deep plate, put chopped veal, onions soaked in vinegar, and grated chicken eggs on its bottom. Next, all the ingredients should be covered with a thick layer of sour cream mayonnaise. In conclusion, the salad should be generously sprinkled with grated cheese.

How to present guests?

Quick birthday salads There is no need to stand for a long time in the refrigerator to soak all layers. Thus, after preparing the “Male Caprice”, it can be immediately presented to the guests along with other snacks.

Pineapple Salad

quick birthday salads

How to cook dishes for the holiday tasty and inexpensive? Birthday salads are usually not expensive. Especially if they were prepared only from those ingredients that are very common in your area. “Pineapple” is one of such quite popular salads. After all, to create it we need only:

  • chicken breast - about 800 g;
  • canned pineapples (preferably purchased in the form of rings) - 1 large jar;
  • cheese of any solid varieties - about 170 g;
  • mayonnaise of high fat content - add to taste and personal discretion;
  • medium-sized salt - add to taste in meat.

Processing components

Simple birthday salads should not include a wide variety of expensive and expensive ingredients. For example, for the presented dish we need only three main products. These are chicken breast, pineapple and cheese. And before you cook from them a complete snack salad, you should process each component separately.

First you should wash the chicken breasts and boil them in salt water. Next, the meat must be completely cooled, cleaned of cartilage, skin and bones, and then chopped into medium cubes. After that, it is necessary to remove the pineapple rings from the tin can and cut them in the same way. As for cheese, it should be simply grated on a coarse grater.delicious birthday salads

How to form?

As we said above, delicious birthday salads can be mixed and flaky. This dish belongs to the first option. For its formation it is required to take a deep pot, put in it the sliced ​​fillet, pineapples and grated cheese. Further, all the ingredients must be mixed well and put in a bowl in a bowl. By the way, if you want to get a juicy dish, then along with all the products you can add a few large spoons of pineapple juice.

Served at the table

For delicious birthday salads to be appreciated by all your guests, they should be served beautifully. For this “pineapple” dish you need to put a slide in a beautiful deep dish, and on top put the petals of fresh parsley. Serving such a salad to guests is recommended immediately after its formation.

Sweet salad

Salads for a child's birthday should be distinguished not only by the presence of useful components in them, but also by an appetizing appearance. It's no secret to anyone that children love all kinds of sweets very much. That is why on their holiday we recommend making a dessert salad. To do this, you need only sweet fruits or berries, as well as dairy dressing.birthday salads photo

So, you must purchase:

  • sweet apple - 2 pcs .;
  • ripe bananas - 2 pcs .;
  • tangerine or orange acid - 1 pc .;
  • Kiwi sweet, soft - 3 pcs .;
  • seedless grapes - a small handful;
  • pomegranate grains - 3 large spoons;
  • pears ripe, soft - 2 pcs .;
  • natural yogurt drinking or creamy ice cream - add at will and taste.

Fruit processing

Children's birthday salads should be as tasty and healthy as possible.That is why as such a dish we recommend using a mixture of fruit. But before you submit a sweet salad to the table, you need to process all of the above ingredients. To do this, the fruit must be washed in hot water, and then cleaned and chopped into cubes measuring 1 x 1 centimeter.

We form a sweet salad

Birthday simple salads are ideal for a children's party. After all, the child appreciates in such dishes not his expensive and overseas components, but the taste and attractive appearance. Thus, to form a fruit salad, all the processed ingredients need to be placed in a common container, and then flavored with natural yogurt or lightly melted ice cream and mix thoroughly.birthday salads

How to serve for the children's holiday?

The finished fruit salad should be decomposed into small cremator pieces and immediately presented to the little guests. As a decoration, such a dish can be sprinkled with ground cinnamon, pomegranate grains, grated chocolate or chopped nuts.

Light birthday salads

Greek salad is perhaps the easiest dish that is perfect for a holiday during the summer season.To cook it yourself, we need:

  • fresh fleshy small tomatoes - 3 pcs .;
  • cucumbers without bitterness small - 2 pcs .;
  • salad onion - 1 small head;
  • red sweet pepper - 1 pc .;
  • Canned olives without stones - a standard jar;
  • feta cheese - about 60 g;
  • honey of any kind - a big spoon;
  • refined olive oil - 2 large spoons;
  • mustard - ½ dessert spoon;
  • salt and pepper ground - use to taste;
  • whole lettuce leaves - a few pieces (to decorate the dish);
  • fresh dill and parsley - add as desired and taste.

Vegetable preparation

Before you make a salad "Greek" for the holiday table, you must separately treat all of the above vegetables. To do this, they need to be washed well and, if necessary, peeled. Next, you should chop tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers into medium cubes. Salad onion is desirable to cut into half rings.inexpensive birthday salads

It is also necessary to finely chop the dill and parsley, open a can of canned olives and completely strip them of the liquid. As for the cheese "Feta", then it is desirable to cut it into even and beautiful cubes of 1 x 1 centimeter.

Cooking sauce

Greek salad must be seasoned with a special sauce that you want to cook yourself. To do this, take a deep bowl, and then alternately put in it honey of any kind, olive oil and mustard. After mixing all the ingredients, they need to be flavored with salt and pepper, and then boldly begin to create a tasty and healthy dish.

Beautifully form "Greek" salad

To form such a dish one should take a large bowl, put tomatoes, sweet peppers, salad onions, greens and cucumbers there. Next, all the above products are required to spice up their own dressing and mix thoroughly. After that, the salad is required to put a slide in a shallow plate, which must be pre-lined with whole leaves of greenery. Top it must be decorated with olives and diced cheese "Feta".

How to present to invited guests?

Serve Greek salad guests should immediately after its formation. If it is kept aside for some time, it can become watery and not as tasty as we would like. It should be particularly noted that such a simple summer dish can be prepared not only for the festive, but also for the everyday dining table.baby salads

Cooking together a crab salad "Crab"

Surely in our country there are no such people who would not have tried the presented dish. This is due primarily to the fact that for its preparation there is no need to buy a lot of expensive and rare ingredients. It should also be noted that birthday snacks are especially popular because they can be presented to the table not only in a common plate or, for example, in creamer dishes, but also in tartlets.

So, before you cook a dish called salad "Crab", you must purchase:

  • crab meat or chopsticks - about 200 g;
  • 3 eggs of rustic chicken;
  • sweet corn canned. - standard jar;
  • sweet onion - 1 head;
  • long grain rice - 3 large spoons;
  • lettuce leaves as fresh as possible or Korean cabbage - a few leaves;
  • high-calorie mayonnaise - use to taste.

Component preparation

Before you cook such a snack salad, you must completely defrost the crab sticks or meat, and then chop them into not very large cubes. You also need to boil the village eggs and finely chop them.As for onions, it should be cleaned and cut into very small cubes.children's birthday salads

As a rule, such a salad of crab sticks is made when you do not want to devote a long time to preparing the table, but there is a desire to feed your guests with tasty and satisfying food. It should be noted that some housewives add to this dish not only the above ingredients, but also, for example, cabbage and rice cereal. To do this, the last ingredient is required to rinse thoroughly, and then boil in salt water, discard in a colander, rinse and completely remove the liquid. As for cabbage, it is only necessary to chop it into a rather thin straw. If you don't like this ingredient, then you can use ordinary green leaves of lettuce, parsley and dill instead.

Correctly form the dish

Now you know what salads you can make for your birthday. But before you put the salad called "Crab" to the table, you should decide in what form you want to present it. So, for the formation of the usual salad you need to put all the ingredients in a deep bowl (crab sticks, cabbage, boiled rice, canned corn without liquid, village eggs and sweet onion).Mix these products, they should be flavored with mayonnaise, put a slide in a common salad bowl and immediately present to the table.

If you want to serve such a dish in the form of a light and beautiful snack, then it is recommended to additionally purchase tartlets. They should be put on 1-2 small spoons of salad, and then put on a flat plate and serve guests.

Let's sum up

In this article, we have presented to your attention a few simple and quite affordable salad recipes that can be used to prepare a luxurious festive table. It should also be noted that the well-known dishes for the celebration include the well-known “Herring under a fur coat”, “Mimosa” and, of course, “Olivier”. Tell what ingredients are part of these salads, it is not necessary, since they are known to almost everyone. The main thing is that all components are as fresh as possible. And vegetables are recommended to take their own production, that is, from the beds in the country.birthday salads

If your budget allows you to set a more expensive birthday table, the list of delicious salads will increase significantly.So, very unusual are snack dishes with the use of various seafood (squid, mussels, shrimp, etc.), including red fish. In addition, sufficient tasty and original salads are added to which exotic fruits such as avocado, mango, lychee, passion fruit, carambola, mangosteen, kumquat, etc. are added.

If you want to add some zest to the festive table, then guests can present snack dishes with marinated mushrooms, black or red caviar, salted salmon or trout, unusual sorts of cheese and so on. By the way, bright salads formed in the form of popular cartoon characters or just any animals will allow you to make an unforgettable birthday of your child.

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