What to do if you hit?

Ekaterina Chabanyuk
Ekaterina Chabanyuk
August 6, 2012
What to do if you hit?

In a civilized society, it is customary to solve all problems and conflicts verbally. Fighting and sorting out relations with the fists is a thing of the past. Moreover, you can not beat children, especially strangers. A real man will never raise a hand to a woman.

However, not everyone follows these rules. What to do if you hit, how to respond to aggression?

First of all, you need to assess the balance of power. If the one who hit you is clearly stronger, you should not give the change. And provoke the next blow - too. It is best to silently leave, leaving revenge for later.

What to do if husband hit

Keep silent, carefully looking into his eyes. Then quietly but surely leave the room by slamming the door. Do not talk to your husband until he repents. Such behavior will be more effective than tears, screams and reproaches "as you could." A husband should feel guilty, especially if this happens the first time.

If your husband hit you after you first got into a fight - calm down and do not hold on to him evil.Sometimes men do not know what to do and are afraid of female aggression and hysteria so much that they lose control and raise their hands. Talk to your husband, discuss what caused this behavior.

If the husband hits you systematically or for no reason - run away from him, do not believe the promises to correct. As a rule, this is no longer treated. If you do not want to go with bruises - file for divorce. Forget about how affectionate and gentle he once was - this is no longer return. Pity also your future or present children.

What to do if a child is hit

To beat your child or not - you decide. Although it is impossible to beat precisely, of course - we are talking about slaps and slaps. But what if your child was hit by strangers?

Do not rush to get angry, first sort out the situation. Perhaps your child hurt someone, hit the other person first. In this case, you should apologize for the actions of the child, ask not to raise a hand on him in the future and quickly leave, taking the child with him.

If the child was struck unfairly, harshly and sharply, explain that repeating such a situation you will take serious measures, then calmly move away and calm the child.Do not shout, threaten or wave your arms. A hard voice or a serious and long look right in the eyes of the abuser can do more.

If the child was hit by a kindergarten teacher or a teacher at a school, immediately contact their superiors, describe the situation in detail. Teachers do not have the right to raise their hands on children under any circumstances.

Remember, to stand up for yourself does not mean to hit back. Keep calm, try not to be nervous and shout (unless, of course, you are in real danger). Do not let yourself be sacrificed - composure, self-confidence and a straight, hard look will help you.

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