Lovers of nightclub holidays often do not have to just dance or take a break from the usual hustle and everyday life, many girls are eager to meet young people, attract the attention of the opposite sex and demonstrate their stunning style and makeup.
It is at night, under the successful fluorescent or neon lighting, you can get an original, bold and bright image with the help of well-chosen fashionable clothes. So, how to stand out from the general (in this case, not gray, but colorful) mass, you can learn from the basic tips that we have selected for you.
How to dress in the club

  • First of all, pay attention to the theme of the party - after all, it is quite possible that you will visit the club, where on this night the DJ will play fiery Latin music. The corresponding outfit will be most welcome, while, for example, few people will appreciate the style of a hooligan biker.
  • Beforehand, find out whether the institution in which you are going to go has your dress code (for example, you should not go in sportswear or footwear).
  • Even if you are going to the club in the winter, in no case do not wear a lot of clothes or very warm clothes. Otherwise, you risk getting wet clothes, discomfort and a desire to return home as soon as possible instead of the pleasure of dancing and music.
  • Despite the fact that in the clubs there are practically no restrictions on clothing, and frank, sexy outfits are the gold standard of nightlife, you should not get too exposed. Be sexy and sexy, but remember that sexuality is not permissiveness and vulgarity, but an attraction that gives men space for fantasy.
  • You can safely wear lace products, clothes decorated with rhinestones, fringe, bright prints, etc. to the club. If you want your clothes to shine in neon light, wear white pieces of clothing.
  • Wear only comfortable shoes, in which you will be able to dance the whole night, and then - get home.

Properly combine clothes
A unique piece of clothing that can be worn in combination with regular slim jeans, short shorts and heeled sandals.This element of the wardrobe can not only fit well into your club image, but also highlight the chest, adding volume to it, emphasize aspen waist and rounded hips.
A wide selection of club dresses allows you to create a variety of images. Wear a short dress that will emphasize the length and slimness of the legs, or bustier dress, so you can get a very feminine and sexy look.
An excellent and very comfortable option for going to the club would be ordinary skinny jeans, in combination with a blouse or a shirt made of translucent material. Complement your image with interesting costume jewelry, large earrings and bracelets.

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