When to plant strawberries? Care Tips

Strawberry is one of the most useful garden plants. The yield of ripe berries is stable for several years. With proper care and proper site selection, the plant gives a good harvest. What kind of berries to choose for planting? When to plant strawberries? You will find answers to all these questions here.

when to plant strawberries

Choosing the right grade

There are many different varieties of strawberries. However, only a few have giant berries. Large fruits have varieties such as Octave, Rosanka, Elvira-80, Marmion and others.

Growing strawberries in the ground or in pots

This plant is quite applicable for both options. But most often grown strawberries in the open field. Plants grown directly in the ground remain there for several years. Therefore, you must choose the right place that you want to use for quite a long time to grow strawberries. Also, the site should be located near the water source, as the strawberries require frequent watering.It can also be grown in pots and containers. It is aesthetically pleasing and useful, because strawberries are a storehouse of vitamins. Specialized containers are several pockets for plant placement. If there are restrictions on the area of ​​your garden, you can plant strawberries in such containers, pots or tires from the wheels of the car.

gardeners advice lunar calendar

Choosing a place on the site

Before landing, you must choose a place, taking into account the following rules:

- A plant needs a place that receives six or more hours of sunlight per day.

- The site should be near water.

- Do not plant strawberries in places where tomatoes or peppers were grown. These crops can carry verticillary wilting - a disease that can kill a berry plant.

When to plant strawberries? Soil preparation

Before planting, it is necessary to prepare the soil of the garden by adding a large amount of well-aged manure, peat and compost. Strawberries grow well in slightly acidic soil, so making all this will provide the plant with nutrients, as well as improve the soil structure.

Some gardeners cover the site before planting with a dark cloth or oilcloth, making a pre-cut for strawberries. This has several advantages:

• The fabric inhibits the growth of weeds, as grass seeds do not receive light.

• The soil under the fabric remains warm.

• Reduced moisture loss, which helps the growth and development of bushes.

strawberry storehouse of vitamins

When to plant strawberries?

Usually, gardeners plant and transplant strawberries in late July - early August, when the harvest has already been harvested, and young rosettes have grown up. Over time, strawberries grow, and your strawberry rows become cramped for the plant. The yield of berries can be reduced, so the division of the bushes is better to make in early spring (before flowering), if you do not have time to do it in the fall.

Tips gardeners

The lunar calendar when planting strawberries will help you choose a favorable date. Planting or replanting plants is better on a cloudy day or in the evening when there is no active sun. Just dig up young strawberry outlets and place them in new places. Watering transplanted plants should be abundant to help them establish themselves in a new place.


Growing high-yielding strawberries implies monthly use of balanced fertilizer. The annual addition of compost also has a beneficial effect.



Plants like well-drained, moist soil. Make sure your plants get enough water. Watering should be carried out in the evening or early in the morning.

Winter care

In harsh winters, it is better to use mulch to prevent strawberries from freezing. Pine mulch or straw is well suited, as they are light enough and will not crush the plants. In the spring, after the earth dries, gently rake all the mulch off the lot.

Tasty garden berry

Growing strawberries is an affordable and enjoyable way to produce fresh, sweet berries in your own garden. Now you know about when to plant strawberries and how to care for it. By taking these simple steps, you can enjoy a fresh, tasty berry for a long time.

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