Where to go to relax in April?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
July 7, 2011
Where to go to relax in April?

April is called the off-season month. It is not surprising, because the beach season has begun far from everywhere, the time of the New Year holidays and discounts is already behind, and skiing holidays at almost all resorts are coming to an end. The tourist is faced with the problem of where to go to rest in April, and what is interesting this month can be found on vacation. Despite the difficulty of the situation, many people have a great rest and find great trips! We will give you a couple of wonderful vacation options in April.

Where to go for a vacation in April - travel around Europe

First of all, we will go to northern France, where in April the famous kite festival takes place. The resort town of Berck-sur-Mer will welcome the tourists this time. And if you get into an even year, then within the framework of the festival you will successfully become a witness of the world championship in sport kites! And run them on a gorgeous huge sandy beach.

Then you can stay in the Netherlands, where from April 8th there will be a free relay round-the-clock visit to beautiful parks and unique museums. This weekend will be remembered to tourists by museums of world culture for their taste, selected from the 450 museums that take part in this national relay.

Then we hurry to Athens, plunge into the breathtaking carnivals of ancient Greek culture. Everywhere in the open air Greek music will sound, you will become a witness of real Greek dances.

Well, how can we miss Italy. It seems that we have time for the day of the city in Rome. Oh, how the Italians love this holiday! Walk on a grand scale. Grand fireworks, fights of Roman gladiators on Capitol Hill, all this in Rome.

Where to go to relax in April, when you want sun and heat

Choosing a beach holiday and warm regions, we’ll stop at places where you can swim in warm water and feel the real summer. The Dominican Republic will receive tourists in April with great joy. The air temperature will fluctuate at the limit of +26 - +27 degrees. Both day and night quite comfortable climate.If in the morning there are rains, it is very warm and short.

Going to the UAE in April, you will also find the beach season, where the air temperature will be about +32, and the water - +23. Enjoy a sunny holiday, swim in the warm ocean, have a great evening and night, because the most interesting and fun begins at this time. Of course, there are lots of offers for excursions to the Emirates, but it will be very hot in April to go by them during the day.

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