Where to go to Turkey?

Sunlight streaming through the clouds. Light and soothing sound of the surf. Sea air soaked in freshness, salt and iodine. This is what people dream about all winter, and are looking forward to the holidays. Let's look at the various options for rest in this article.

Where to go to Turkey? The last few weeks that separate you from your vacation are the longest. But he is all the same, sometime this long-awaited holiday will come, a day when you do not need your head to fly to work and sit in a stuffy closed space all day. And then you will certainly have a question about which resort to choose. In Turkey, to rest or not to risk foreign travel, and limited to the expanses of the motherland motherland. Each person must make such a decision consciously and independently, guided solely by his desires. For everyone, the place of rest from the worldly fuss is different, but almost everyone wants to be away from friends, work and hometown. Only one way out - resort!

Top places in Turkey

  • If you are young parents or just a married couple. If you are alone, and you are so tired of the routine, then choose a place to relax. Let us examine several options. So, Turkey was chosen as a place for your rest. Where to go with the child is the eternal problem of all parents. The answer is obvious - Protein or Side. Only there you will be able to provide for yourself a comfortable and secluded vacation. The advantage of these places is that the owners of all hotels carefully monitor the appearance of their resort areas. Yes, and the level of service is quite high. There you can enjoy clear sea water, white sandy beaches and convenient descents to the sea. And most importantly, there will be no din and noise.
  • If you decide where it is better to go in Turkey not only to rest, but also to go shopping or just hang out, then you need to turn your attention to the resort town called Antalya. There you will find many different restaurants and cafes. If you are interested in entertainment and vivid national colors or you want love adventures with Turkish machos, then you are here. In Antalya, there are ordinary beaches, and you can not only buy and sunbathe, but also get a lot of different things. Why not a dream for a shopaholic.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the first two options, since you want some very good beaches, then you need to pay your precious attention to the resort town of Kemer. There are very good beaches of pebbles. That's just they are pretty cool, but if you swim perfectly, then you are not afraid. It should be noted that the prices for the operation of the beaches, the owners of large hotels and coastal bars, are shamelessly inflated. But, in extreme cases, there are pools. It would be nice, going to a resort in Turkey, in advance to check with the tour operator, whether the beach charm is included in the price of your trip or not. By the way, you should know that at night you should not swim. Since such a pastime is fraught with bad consequences that may end in disastrous.
  • If you want peace and you are annoyed by crowds of tourists with cameras, the squeal of children and the noise, then you need to find some kind of lonely place to rest. In this case, you will suit such a heavenly, secluded corner, like Olympos. There you will not be irritated by noisy nightclubs, new-fangled restaurants, Turkish bazaars and shops. They are simply not there. But there is clean air, beach, peace and quiet.
  • For young parents with an active lifestyle, loving untouched nature and animals, Fethiye will suit. There is a very developed infrastructure and a living area. As for the beaches, they are very good, with large pebbles. By the way, pebbles are very useful to all people who lead a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle. Not far from this beautiful place is a nature reserve called Calis. Rare species of turtles live there.
  • If you are an avid nature lover and traveler, or an athlete - a diver, surfer, in one word extreme, and you wonder what resort in Turkey is better, then you probably should like Bodrum or Marmaris. These resorts have at their disposal vast beaches of deep water. You will not have any problems in order to ride the wave and conquer the depths of the sea. You can also get acquainted with the exciting variety of the underwater world. At your disposal, both day and night entertainment. Believe it is worth seeing. The only negative is that this is a very expensive pleasure that not everyone can afford.
  • Considering the places that can be visited in Turkey, it is impossible not to mention Ancient Troy. The ruins of this city were discovered in the nineteenth century. If you are fond of ancient culture, then you should definitely visit this place.

Useful tips

  • Choosing a tour, focusing on their material capabilities and preferences.
  • Specify whether visiting the beach in the tour price.
  • Do not bathe at night and do not leave the hotel.
  • Leaving the territory of the resort, to visit excursions, give preference to closed clothes. Do not tempt fate and forget that you are surrounded by people who live in a different setting and follow certain rules.
  • When shopping, be extremely careful not to become a victim of fraudsters.

In general, there are many wonderful, wonderful places in Turkey and absolutely everyone will be able to find an acceptable leisure option in this magnificent country. One has only to carefully approach the issue of choice. This resort country offers all the conditions for any people of different ages and with different interests.

It is better to go to Turkey or Egypt, the Crimea, or just to the village with relatives, you decide. Each place has its pros and cons.One factor that unites all the places from which you have to choose is that in any case you change the situation and this in itself will be a rest, I can even say a outlet. A vent from all that fuss that surrounded you for the whole year, waiting for your vacation. You will be able to spend time with your family, without being distracted by work, cooking and cleaning. So choose the places that are best for you. We wish you a good holiday!

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