Which chocolate is better?

Oh, chocolate, chocolate! There is no one in the world who would not love this delicious, divine delicacy. However, not everyone knows that chocolate is a big discord. Well, we will try to understand all the intricacies of this incredibly tasty dessert.

Types of chocolate

As you know, chocolate is 3 types. It is white, milky and bitter. Here are just a few who know which chocolate is better. But before answering this important question, it is worth finding out what chocolate is. Chocolate is a sweet confectionery product that is prepared on the basis of cocoa fruits. But many will immediately ask, and then what is the most useful chocolate?

It turns out that an important role is played here by the composition of chocolate. And the most useful is, of course, bitter chocolate. It is in this product is the largest percentage of cocoa liquor. At the same time, it has an incredibly bright and rich flavor, and it is simply impossible to refuse such chocolate.

In second place in terms of utility is the most common and favorite milk chocolate. Here, the percentage of grated cocoa is insignificant, but dry milk, cream, and a lot of sugar are included in the composition. The benefits of such chocolate can not speak.

But white chocolate is an amateur chocolate. Yes, and you can call it chocolate with a big stretch, because in this delicacy there is no grated cocoa, there is only cocoa butter, well, but this is another story. And, of course, in such a chocolate just a huge amount of powdered milk. And that is what gives white chocolate an unforgettable taste.

Quality chocolate

With the types of chocolate defined. Now we need to understand how to determine the quality of chocolate, and this is an important indicator in order for the purchased delicacy to bring an unforgettable feeling to our taste buds. You can check the quality of chocolate by yourself. For this you should know a few tricks:

  • Chocolate packaging should be whole, not torn and not crumpled.
  • Pay attention to the shelf life of chocolate. If it expired or there are only a few days left until it expires, then it is better not to buy such chocolate.
  • Try bending the chocolate package. If it bends, then chocolate has an incredibly low quality and it is quite possible that it was not made according to GOST.
  • GOST R 52821-2007 such figures need to be found on the packaging of chocolate.
  • Opening the package, carefully inspect the tile itself.It should not have any stains or white bloom, but if there is such a bloom, it means that the chocolate was stored incorrectly. Eating it too is not recommended.
  • Crunch chocolate should make a click. If chocolate bends or crumbles, its quality leaves much to be desired.

Of course, we all want to buy the best chocolate. For this you should pay attention to the manufacturer of this confectionery. Especially I want to mention the chocolate brand A. Korkunov, "Russian Chocolate", "Spartak", "Russia". These manufacturers make real high quality chocolate.

From foreign manufacturers, I would especially like to mention “LINDT” brand chocolate. This chocolate was the highest quality of all well-known brands.

Now you know exactly how to choose chocolate, and never make a mistake in your choice.

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