Which coffee is better?

Coffee is aromatic and invigorating. The ideal beginning of a cloudy day when you do not want to get up for work. So nice to sit with a cup of this delicious drink in the company of friends and family. Moreover, such a variety of varieties and species always finds its admirer. You can not love black coffee, but at the same time adore this drink, combined with milk. There are many variations. The main thing is to find not only the most delicious, but also the highest quality. But how to understand which coffee is better among the whole abundance of tore brands and species.

Of course, it all depends on your own taste and preferences. But there are certain criteria that must be met when collecting, transporting, sorting, and all other procedures that need to be done with the harvest of the coffee tree.

Advertising impact

If you like to gather quickly, constantly do not have enough time, then most likely you like to buy instant coffee. Go to the store and take the packaging with the drink, which is most of all shown on TV in advertising. But maybe you should try other types.And for this you need to know how to choose coffee, so that he would not only quickly prepare, but bring energy, with every hot sip. At the same time pleased receptors. The first, of course, is to pay attention to taste. Not necessarily the most expensive coffee - it is always better. Although, in fairness, it should be said that in most cases, this is exactly what it is. Instant coffee is made from natural. Under the influence of complex technologies, drying and processing are carried out. It can be said almost coffee. Therefore, in order to choose the right one, it is necessary to approach this issue more carefully than the choice of other types of drink.

Instant coffee features

It is worth knowing that instant coffee can be divided into groups. It is in powder form, in granules and “crystals”. The most common is powdered coffee. It is not even coffee, but a coffee drink, since there are many impurities of various additives in it. And caffeine is less than 5%. But, at the same time, it does not differ in high cost. To taste, of course, the gourmet will not please, but for quick use it will fit perfectly.

Granulated drink is also not a real “pure” coffee.There are many impurities in the package, but the amount of caffeine in it is greater, and therefore its quality is slightly higher than that of the powder. Accordingly, it is more expensive. Here the choice is already huge. Many manufacturers, different packaging and price, allow you to choose the one that suits you more. The main thing, when you look at coffee, it should not be visible impurities. The color should be brown, the granules should fall apart without sticking. But the most important thing is what flavor and taste this drink has. Pour boiling coffee, you can immediately grasp how pronounced the aroma of coffee.

Crystal coffee

The third type of instant coffee is crystalline. This type is the most expensive because there are a lot of coffee beans, fewer additives, and it undergoes another processing, on the way to the store shelves. This coffee - the most expensive of the three types of instant. This drink has a very pronounced aroma of coffee, the taste is very soft, but invigorating. It costs a lot more than the two previous types, but the taste is worth it. In order to decide what coffee to buy, what would it be delicious, you only need to try out its types. Based on your taste, you can decide what is tastier and more aromatic.

Buying coffee

To determine the quality of the color and appearance of coffee, you can buy it in glass jars. So choosing, you can see how uniform the color of coffee is. Also see if there are impurities. In addition, glass containers save coffee better. But the drink in such capacity costs more. Tin packaging is a bit cheaper. But if you want to appreciate the look and consistency of coffee, through the walls of such a jar you will not be able to do this.

Brewed coffee

The next step, in quality and taste, is brewed coffee. Such a drink can be bought already in a “frayed” form. Namely, buy ready-to-brew coffee. Of course, such a powder is better in quality, taste and smell than soluble. Here, more caffeine, less additives. But they still have it. Buying brewed coffee, you still can not be one hundred percent sure that this is a real drink that is made from the beans of the coffee tree. Most manufacturers buy these raw grains. They are brought to production, fried, ground and packaged in colorful packaging. But not without the addition of impurities.

Scalded coffee is more expensive than instant, its quality is higher, and the taste is pronounced.Although it all depends, first of all, on the variety. There are two types (basic) that differ in taste. To understand which coffee is tastier of these two varieties, you can try and decide for yourself.

  • The first is Arabica. This variety has its own qualities, which are reflected in the taste of the finished drink. Such a coffee as “Arabica” enriches the finished drink with a sour aroma. This piquancy is popular with many coffee lovers. But the caffeine content in this sort of coffee is not at all great. Accordingly, this coffee is weaker.
  • Second grade - Robusta. This coffee is very rich, strong and very aromatic. When brewing this drink, the smell will be incredible. “Robusta” tastes bitter, has very clear and strong qualities. The caffeine content in this variety is quite large. If you brew “Robusta” in the morning, you can wake up and cheer up at the first sip. But do not forget that the degree of roasting also affects the taste of the drink. There are three levels of roasting, it is weak. It gives the drink a very mild and unobtrusive taste. Medium - the taste of such coffee can be described as the middle, between very rich and light.Strong - this coffee is very strong, with bitterness, has a very intense taste.

If you do not know which coffee to choose, try each one. Your taste buds will immediately let you know. Pay your attention to what kind of ground coffee has. Taste and aroma depend on it. Ground coffee can be in the form of powder, as well as more coarse grinding.

You can buy a blended coffee, these two types. You need to look at the inscriptions on the package to find out which varieties are mixed into it. One of the important criteria is the packaging of brewed coffee. It must be sealed, by vacuum. What would the flavor remain inside, but the coffee is not spoiled. If you want to prepare a drink in the Turk, you should know how to choose coffee beans, so that it would be more fragrant. It is best to buy fried grains (or raw), and prepare this flavored drink yourself.

The main nuances when choosing

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the date. See that coffee was roasted for a long time. If the grains are roasted for a long time, they lose all their qualities. When buying coffee in beans, pay attention to the fact that the grains themselves are whole.It is not necessary to acquire the grain - the halves. This is a sign that coffee is not real. The aroma should be wading and pronounced. The grain store must be kept in a dry and carefully closed jar so that air and moisture do not get inside.

We hope our article will help you when choosing a good drink like coffee. Enjoy the shopping!

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