Which hair dryer is better?

The desire to always look good is inherent in every girl - then you feel comfortable and have more confidence in yourself. And if the idea of ​​what it means to “look good” for each girl is different, then in one they will be in solidarity: beautiful healthy, and most importantly well-groomed hair is the key to success. And why only for this we do not do: all sorts of means and masks, as a preparatory stage, and various hairstyles and styling - to complete the image.

And if everything is clear with masks and tools (every girl chooses preparations that are suitable for the composition), then from the choice of tools for hair styling the eyes just run up: curlers, tongs, bobbins, curling irons, shirring irons - you can't count everything. And, nevertheless, often, the main way of hair styling is a hair dryer. But when buying it you may have questions: which hair dryer is better and which hair dryer is better to buy, and not just hold it in your hands.

1. The main criterion when buying a hair dryer - its functionality:

- if you need a hairdryer to just dry your hair, then it is better to buy a hairdryer - concentrator;

- experiment with hair: make large waves, playful curls or just add volume, help styler - hair dryer with different brushes - nozzles. Which hair dryer is better - difficult to answer, because It does not have any fundamental differences from the usual hair dryer. He is selected by the same criteria as a regular hair dryer. The only thing that is important is to take into account that the hair dryer with a rotating brush is intended only for short hair, it snarls and breaks long hair;

- for those who have permed a perm or just curly hair, a hair dryer - a diffuser. The diffuser is a special nozzle in the form of a semicircular bowl into which hollow tubes are inserted.

2. An important role when choosing a hair dryer is played by its appearance.

- today there are two forms of a hairdryer in the stores: “gun” and “cylinder”. Which model to prefer is up to you. The main thing that you feel comfortable in his hands. By the way, very often girls choose models easier, but according to expert advice, it is better to buy a hair dryer, which is heavier in weight (the hair dryer’s motor is wrapped in a metal sheath and, accordingly, the thicker this shell is, the longer the hair dryer will last);

- for convenience, it is better if the buttons for switching temperature modes and speeds are located on the side: then, without changing the position of the hand, during drying / laying, you can quickly switch modes;

- also pay attention to the wire - its length should be sufficient for rotations and virtuoso movements above the head, and at the same time it should not be twisted.

3. Power. In order to make a haircut or simply dry the hair, it is enough to choose a hair dryer with a power of 1200 - 1600 watts. Of course, professional hair dryers with a power of more than 2100 W are very high quality, but the master who does the styling in a few minutes should work with such a hairdryer (otherwise the hair will simply dry before you have time to put it in order). Also there are hair dryers with power less than 1200 watts. - they are usually purchased as a “travel option” and are intended only for drying hair;

4.Working mode. Each hairdryer should have at least three temperature regimes and cold air “cool” mode - it is intended for fixing the styling.

In addition, some hair dryers have an air ionization mode, due to which the hair flakes are smoothed, the level of statistical electricity is reduced and the hair becomes shine.

5.Another question that worries us in the store is which hair dryer is better to choose by brand. To date, such manufacturers as PHILIPS, BRAUN, BOSCH and SIEMENS have proven themselves. And to the question “which professional hair dryer is better” hairdressers-stylists often answer “PARLUX”. They appreciate it for functionality and convenience.

And yet, even if you have a super-modern hair dryer with all sorts of modes and nozzles, remember, regular use of a hair dryer over time makes your hair lifeless and brittle. If you can not completely refuse hair drying with a hair dryer, then do not forget about special cosmetic hair products - they protect the hair from the harmful effects of high temperatures, and also give them strength and shine.

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