Who are vanilla?

Do you want to find out who are vanilla? Wikipedia is unlikely to answer this question. But we will try to give you accurate information about this new youth movement.

Vanilla is a youth subculture, which includes romantic, gentle creatures, as a rule, girls who differ from the rest in their style and worldview. The main attribute of the vanilla style is a camera with a large lens, which vanilla is rarely released from the hands. Through the photos they want to share their deep feelings, feelings and hopes, so even when they are sad, they will definitely capture this moment in the photo. They are just like children, they love cartoons and romance, London and New York, to sit on the windowsill and drink coffee. By the way, Sturbucks coffee houses are a favorite vanillak place, where they often are or really want to go. The combination of "coffee + cigarettes" seems to be magical and attractive to vanilla, but not because of addiction to tobacco, but because of the romantically flying up little smoke rings enveloping the smell of black coffee.

But all this is still not enough to understand who the vanilla is.After all, the most important element is their style:

  • T-shirts or T-shirts with inscriptions: "I Love London", "I Love NY", "I Love COFFEE", etc. And it doesn't matter at all whether they were in London or New York or not ... They love them, and you have to come to terms with it.
  • Clothing and accessories with an American or British flag, be it shoes, hairpins, watches or pajamas. If a flag is depicted on them, vanilla will definitely acquire them.
  • Tight skinny skinny jeans or leggings, the so-called "oblipki."
  • As for shoes, vanilla prefer the well-known uggs, colorful sneakers and ankle boots.
  • Vintage items remain favorite for vanillak: grandmother’s knitted hats, knitted sleeves, sweaters, old jackets or a worn leather shoulder bag. If a thing blows antiquity, you will definitely see it on vanilla.
  • Do not forget about the hairstyle, which is the main element of the whole vanilla style. Favorite hairstyles vanillak: bun or the so-called "bump"; long hair with bangs, which necessarily falls on one eye. The more carelessness in the hairstyle, the better.
  • Another major accessory is the big glasses, behind which you can hide vanilla dreams and tears in time.
  • Vanilla prefer either natural invisible makeup, or bright and vulgar.But scarlet lipstick on the lips should be in most cases, especially on the way out.
  • A bright multi-colored manicure makes the life of a vanilla more positive and more fun, it is desirable that each finger be made up with a different color, because it is so cute and funny!
  • Favorite musical direction vanilla is considered Western rock. But not always.

We hope that we were able to answer your question about who the vanilla is. After all, in order to find out all the answers to this question, it is not necessary to search for them for a long time. It is enough to go out and pay attention to girls with the above listed elements of style.

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