Why am I tired?

Fatigue is an unpleasant sensation with whichMillions of people around the world face daily. To cope with this feeling, you need to know why a person is tired, and remove these factors from his life.

It depends on you your health and the amount of vitality.

Causes of fatigue

We bring to your attention a list of the most common causes of fatigue.

Malnutrition and lack of nutrients

If you regularly ask yourself the question - why am Iget tired? - it is worth considering about the lack of vitamins, microelements and nutrients in your body. Start taking special vitamins and get proper nutrition.

Excessive consumption of caffeine or sweetdestabilizes the level of sugar in the blood, so that a person has a feeling of fatigue. Replace these foods with fruits and vegetables, natural juice, and you will forget this unpleasant sensation for a long time.

Lack of sleep

Many people sleep inadequate amount of timeto ensure that the body has time to recover and make up the reserve of energy spent per day. Hence fatigue. If you can not afford to sleep longer, then make the time before going to sleep calm and enjoyable. To do this, just shut down the computer and turn off the TV. In a few days you will notice how the forces will begin to return to you.

Lack of moderate physical activity

Small physical exertion is simply necessaryfor the normal well-being of each person. It is enough to do about 4 times a week for 40 minutes, and you will restore the missing energy in the body.


Sometimes the feeling of fatigue is a cry of helporganism with anemia. To exclude this factor, it is enough to make a routine blood test. If such a problem is found, then enrich your diet with iron-containing products or take special supplements.

Thyroid problems

Violation of its normal work can cause a constant sense of fatigue and exhaustion. Address to the endocrinologist and hand over necessary analyzes.


With this disease, a sense of fatigue is the norm. If you have suspicions about this disease, then donate blood for sugar.


Constantly bad mood, dissatisfactionand loss of appetite certainly lead to a feeling of fatigue. If you are unable to cope with life's difficulties on your own, then consult a qualified psychotherapist.

Heart Disease

Fatigue is one of the consequences of heart disease. Feeling that it became difficult for you to carry out those actions that you used to do without difficulties, contact a doctor. Perhaps this is a false alarm, but it's worth reinsuring.

After reading the article How not to get tired, you will discover many ways how to save energy and restore your vital forces.

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