Why animals need a tail?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
February 15, 2013
Why animals need a tail?

All vertebrates originate from their tail ancestors. In some, the tail disappeared in the process of evolution, because why animals need a tail if their habitat is concentrated in the grass or thickets of bushes, where the tail will only interfere? In the process of movement, especially if the method of movement is jumping, he could cling to the branches and thorns of plants. That is why the frogs have no tail, and the hare has retained only its pitiful remnant. The tail is also not needed for animals that live underground - it is difficult to turn around with it in a close underground tunnel. For example, a mole has only a miniature tail. But why then tail other animals?

Tail- an indispensable assistant

Animals living on the “upper floors” of the forest cannot do without a tail. Look at the circus performers who, being under the dome of the circus, use a pole for balance, and then it will immediately become clear why the squirrel has a tail. And not only the squirrel, except it uses the tail for balancing and marten, and sable, and some monkeys.By the way, the tail not only helps to keep balance when moving along the branches, but also serves as a steering wheel when jumping between trees.

Small inhabitants of the steppes, for example, jerboas, also need a tail, which seriously helps to maneuver at high speed. At the end of the tail there is a tassel, with which, as if clinging to the air, they can make sharp turns without falling. But kangaroos use their heavy and strong tail as a counterweight, allowing them to keep their balance and make long jumps.

There are many more examples of why animals need a tail:

  • water inhabitants, it gives the possibility of movement;
  • birds use it as a steering wheel and brake;
  • some monkeys need it as the third “hand”;
  • the tail helps dogs and cats communicate and express mood;
  • cows and horses drive away annoying insects to them;
  • foxes and foxes can hide with their fluffy tail from the cold, like a blanket.

All of us have long been accustomed to our tail animals. But why stop the tail of some dogs? Most often, fighting dogs and hunting breeds were knocking over the tail, so that it was not a vulnerable spot in the fight, did not cling to the burdocks, and did not make unnecessary noise.Subsequently, such an operation became traditional and entrenched in the breed standards.

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