Why do men cry?

Everyone says that men do not cry. But you probably still had to watch a completely different picture. In order to understand why men are crying, we need to understand what causes and the meaning of the appearance of tears in a person.

It is believed that tears are a protective reactionthe body to severe pain or psycho-emotional experiences. Occurring during tears processes in the body soften the sensation of pain. Severe pain is one of the most dangerous stressful conditions for the human psyche, and if it exceeds a certain threshold, a person may lose consciousness. That is, the protective functions of the body give the command to turn off the brain, so as not to damage its rather delicate and delicate structures by an excessively strong energy impulse, which is the strong pain. Therefore, tears can be attributed to the protective reactions of the body.

Causes of tears in women and men

Manifestations of this response to pain in men and womensomewhat different. First, men feel physical pain 30% stronger than women, but nonetheless, men are the least likely to cry from physical pain. This is due to the fact that since prehistoric times, men as hunters and hunters in the process of carrying out their duties have been more often than women subjected to all kinds of injuries, accompanied by severe pain, which led to adaptation. Therefore, there was an opinion that men do not cry from wounds.

It is noticed that for the same typical situation,different people react differently. By the type of reaction people were divided into different psychotypes. And as it turned out, the most prone to tearing manifestation of choleric and least of all phlegmatic.

So it happened that the spiritual organizationmen are more primitive, that's why men feel much less pain and less than women. And women with their thin and deeply feeling soul cry, mostly from the pain of the soul. But, as can be seen from real life, men also cry, but for several other reasons.

Why do men cry? We have already found out that the question of whether men are crying is not worth it at all. Cry, and more like that! Still, the question is more acute as to why they are crying?

So, how many times, watching TV broadcasts of variouscompetitions, we could see the tears of the winners on the podium? What causes tears in these courageous and strong people? Imagine yourself in their place, and you will be let a little, but still understand what the reason for their tears.

After the greatest effort of all forces, joyvictories - the strongest psychological experience. Another situation: just as often we are shown full tears of the eyes of the defeated, who until the victory was not enough of the smallest. And again, they too can be understood. It turns out that these men cry when there is reason for great joy or great sorrow. And what and for whom is the occasion for great joy or intense grief - this is already a topic of a separate study.

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