People have long decorated their bodies with all sorts of drawings. This tradition has not disappeared to our times. Many are now sent to the salon for tattooing.

What is a tattoo?

A tattoo is a design applied to the body by traumatizing the skin and the introduction of a coloring matter under it. She is a type of body art and is cleaned up to one of the forms of modern avant-garde art.
Tattoo application processTattoo application process
During the times of the primitive communal system, thanks to tattoos, it was possible to understand from which tribe a person was and what his social position was. Later, the tattoo began to be applied to the body as a decoration or in memory of a particular event or person.
For a period of time, it was believed that tattoos were exclusively male fun. Now they are popular among the female half of humanity. People of different ages decorate their bodies with pleasure with pleasure.

Tattooing equipment

Some people call it tattooed henna body tattoo. This is an erroneous definition.Real tattoos are applied using a special machine with miniature needles that vibrate, create punctures on the skin and fill them with paint. In modern models of such equipment, the pigment enters the needle automatically through a special hole. There are cars that need to be periodically dipped in a dye.
Modern tattoo machineModern tattoo machine
Drawing with the help of a tattoo machine is applied very accurately and virtually painless. Punctures are very small and shallow, so that the vessels are practically not damaged. The client feels only a slight tingling and sometimes even falls asleep on the table of the master. In qualified salons all equipment is thoroughly sterilized. For drawing the painting pigments of high quality are used.

Why do tattoos?

A tattoo is not just beautiful. This is a way to stand out and emphasize individuality. Many men believe that the tattoo on the body of the girl gives her femininity and sexuality.
Through the chosen depicts the character reflects the owner of the tattoo. Among young people it is fashionable to put on the body not a drawing, but a mantra, an inscription in Sanskrit, in which each letter carries a special meaning.
Thanks to tattoos, you can emphasize the dignity of the figure and vice versa hide the flaws. The main thing - to choose the right picture. This will help an experienced master. A tattoo is also a way to mask an ugly scar on the body.
The editors of advise taking this procedure as a tattoo, very seriously. To remove the pattern from the skin is difficult and painful. It remains on the body for life.

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