Why do you need to study?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 23, 2012
Why do you need to study?

Tired of studying? It is unbearable to sit in stuffy classes, and it seems that real life is passing by? Increasingly began to wonder why you need to learn? We will try to make arguments to convince you.

There is such a popular wisdom: "do now what others do not want to do, and then you will live as others cannot." There is a vivid image describing this thesis. Remember the picture, as the boy reaches the edge of the brick wall because he climbed onto the books. And behind the wall is the sun, a bright day and great opportunities. This metaphor of thought "only education will help get out of dullness, poverty and limitations."

It is not necessary to perceive education only in the context of an official educational institution. Education is, above all, self-education. Not a single “teacher-in-duty” will be able to more clearly define your own interests, opportunities and goals. Get knowledge in areas that really interests you. After all, many successful people made a hobby a matter of life, leaving formal education.These include, for example, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

To add an essay, why you need to study, you can use the following argument. Higher nervous activity is inevitably associated with learning. So, let's say, a mutual influence exists between memory and learning. A person is simply unable to reproduce the simplest action without learning. We are all forced to learn practically to death in order to survive, be it learning to walk or difficult calculations. In other words, to maintain your brain in working condition you need to learn something. At the same time, our ability to learn simply allows us to remain capable people.

Moreover, even the seemingly completely unnecessary for life knowledge that we receive in educational institutions, affect our worldview, perception and outlook. Compare, say, the speech of graduates of school and high school. The difference in most cases will be striking. And basically it is connected not only with physiological maturation. Study is work, and any work leaves its mark on the fate of a person.

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