Why faint?

Causes of syncope can occur in both short-term ailment and serious diseases that require immediate treatment. Read more about what a faint is, why this condition arises, how to recognize it and how to help a person.

Causes of fainting

Fainting is a short-term loss of consciousness due to impaired cerebral circulation. You can list a large number of different types of fainting, but we will focus on several of the most common causes.

Pathological syncope

A similar definition is given to frequent fainting states caused by complex chronic diseases. For example, patients with diabetes can fall without feelings when an overdose of insulin, or, conversely, skip the injection. Also among the pathological include syncope with epilepsy, ectopic pregnancy, heart attack or stroke, an attack of asthmatic suffocation, intoxication substances contained in alcohol, drugs, drugs (overdose) and so on.

Vasovagal syncope

Of the total number of fainting, as many as 50% fall on this species. The reasons explaining why they faint, in this case are stress, fear (in particular, various phobias), pain, overwork, hunger or thirst, stuffiness and so on. Often the cause of loss of consciousness can be a long-term stay near the computer, especially if we are talking about a child, teenager, a sick, weakened person.

Orthostatic syncope

Such conditions occur due to impaired neural regulation of blood vessels. For example, if a person abruptly rose from a sitting / lying position, turned his head too quickly, gave excessive physical exertion (he lifted weights, reloaded in the gym, ran a great distance, etc.). Fainting of this nature most often occurs in the elderly, people of any age after a serious illness with bed rest, people with low blood pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system. Frequent orthostatic fainting can indicate the threat of a stroke.

Signs of fainting

Understanding that loss of consciousness is coming is possible both by inner self-awareness and by external characteristics.

What does the person himself feel:

  • severe weakness, arms and legs begin to tremble;
  • darkens in the eyes;
  • a chill runs through the body;
  • sometimes the head can be sharp and very sick;
  • pain or discomfort may occur in the thoracic or abdominal region;
  • rolls up nausea.

How to recognize the pre-unconscious state from:

  • the man turns sharply pale;
  • his lips, nails become bluish;
  • limbs become cold;
  • he staggers.

First Aid for Fainting

Because to understand why a person faints, to correctly diagnose the cause of a painful condition, and hence, an ordinary person cannot effectively help a sick person, his main task is not to harm. Therefore:

  • Check the person for the presence of a pulse (if it is absent, then it is not a faint).
  • Immediately call an ambulance, accurately describing the state of a person (if there is no pulse, then you need to say about it - then you will need to provide first aid, saving life).
  • Gently putting a person on his side - this will eliminate sticking of the language and further suffocation. If a person is sitting or reclining, then it is better to bring him in a flat horizontal position.
  • Feet can be slightly raised.
  • Provide fresh air.
  • Wait along with the person doctor. In no case do not let the person go home, even if he felt better - he must be examined by a doctor. Otherwise, the risk of death remains.

Usually the loss of consciousness lasts no more than 3 minutes. After the person has come to his senses, convince him to quietly lie down for a while - if he rises abruptly, a new swoon may follow.

You can before the arrival of the doctor to conduct a basic test for stroke. To do this, ask the person to smile, stick out his tongue, say something. In stroke, most often, the face and tongue are more or less twisted, symmetry is broken, a person cannot clearly and correctly pronounce the words.

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