Wireless Modems: Models, Features, Connectivity and Setup

Wireless modem (router) istransmitter, which serves to work with mobile operators. Consider its settings, describe the approximate characteristics, as well as learn more about the benefits.wireless modems


As a rule, in order to work with datadevices, you need a sim card. A wireless modem can be a component of both the control room and the security equipment. It is also used instead of the usual telephone modems. We are talking about ATMs, vending machines and so on. Sometimes they can be found in hardware and software systems. It should also be noted that during their work these modems use additional control devices. Some of the more expensive devices function as a telephone gateway. They allow you to transfer video, voice and text data. Usually, they are used if the traditional mobile antenna is not available or if using such a device as a gateway is much cheaper.4g modem

Technical data

In order to understand what the givendevice, it is necessary to discuss its technical characteristics. For example, take the popular model ZTE MF631. This modem is able to work with data transfer of this type: 3G, Edge, GPRS, GSM. The speed of data reception in 3G reaches 7.2 Mb / s, while sending information - up to 5 Mb / sec. The speed of information retrieval in other networks is up to 236 kilobits per second. The size of this device is small. It is also a rotator. There is a connector for the memory card. Accepted Micro SD, the maximum amount of memory which is 16 GB. Can work with Windows operating systems. It's about XP, Vista 7, 8. It can also function on the Mac operating system.wireless modem router


Wireless USB-modem allows to receiveInternet at any access point. It's about all the places where there is a mobile connection. Accordingly, in order to have access to the Network, you need to connect your laptop or computer to the Internet. Accordingly, electricity is needed. But at the same time in any, even hard-to-reach places you can send messages, receive data and view multimedia. Tariffs, as a rule, providers provide a huge number. Installation of such a modem is quite simple. Payment for the tariff is similar to the price of mobile communication. You can also send SMS. Management as convenient as possible.wireless modem for internet

Representatives of

In Russia, the most popular firms thatproduce wireless models, are the company Huawei and ZTE. If it is a question of using the services of the operator "Beeline", then, as a rule, it provides the following options:

  • Huawei. It's about the models and E150 / 1550/1800/3131.
  • If we talk about ZTE models, then the most used are MF100 / 170/180/190/192/626/361.

There is no particular difference between the above modems. In general, they differ only in external parameters. Technical differences, of course, are inherent, but, as a rule, they consist in supporting memory cards of various sizes, as well as in working with many information transfer technologies.


To have a little idea of ​​howconnection of a wireless modem for the Internet is necessary, it is necessary to consider the process by the example of one of them. It's specifically about working with the Huawei EC 5321U1 router.

In order to connect the router to the computer,you must use a USB cable. But the article describes how to work with wireless models, so consider the process of connecting through a special module. When operating with it, the router acts as an access point. Before you start using, you need to go to the operator's website, where, having passed through the "Settings Wizard", you need to select a tariff. As soon as the manipulation is over, turn the device on and off. After that, access to the Internet will be opened. In this case, no additional settings, changes in options or the conclusion of contracts will not be required.

Working with the 4G modem is completely minimized,Since the procedure for connecting and activating the router is simplified to the impossibility. In general, if you still need to specify any parameters, then you need to use the properties of the interfaces. Access is provided at a standard address, which can be found on the manufacturer's website. If you connect the device via USB, then this resource will open automatically.

Settings in this device is pretty much, althoughordinary users using a router at home are unlikely to delve into these options. On the main page you can see the mode of operation of the device, the number of all devices that are connected via a wireless access point, the information received, and the status of the device. Moreover, above, in the right corner, you can see the signal of the cellular network, as well as the presence of a connection. In addition, there is a battery indicator.

If the user does not understand by color on the paneldevice charge level, then you can go to this site and see. On the statistics page, it's easy to notice the same thing that is written in the "General Information". However, here it is in more detail. In the SMS section it is said about working with SMS-messages. To change the version of the 4G modem software, you need to go to the update page. The "Settings" section provides access to management of all parameters of the router. If you do not have any experience with this device, you can use the "Settings Wizard". Thanks to him, it is easy to configure the basic parameters for a minimum period. If you purchase the device directly from the manufacturer (this model is often used by the Intertelecom provider), then all the settings have already been made. Accordingly, the connection of the router is minimized. wireless usb modems


Thus, virtually all wirelessmodems can be used immediately after connecting to the computer. The "Dial-up connection" function opens access to options that edit the connection to the cellular network. In the VLAN section, you can adjust all the necessary parameters.

Consumers do not complain about this type of device. They use the most convenient and simple. If you buy a router from the provider, then with the settings there will be no problems. That's why you need to pay special attention to such modems.

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