With what to wear a skirt?

The problem of the wardrobe is familiar to every girl. Despite the fact that the shelves are full of clothes, there is still nothing to wear. And in fact, you can buy yourself just a few things, skillfully combine them, and you will get several outfits for different occasions. But for this you need to know what to wear a skirt or trousers, so that it looks beautiful, stylish and to the point.

Long skirts

Recently, Maxi returned to fashion andfirmly captured the palm tree of the championship. Long colorful or monotonous skirts in the floor look beautiful, fluttering when walking, and also can successfully hide flaws, if you are not completely happy with your legs or hips. It is worth thinking about what to wear with a long skirt so that it does not look like you are caricatured or inappropriate.

First, look at your skirt. What style is it? Is it an airy flying white skirt, a motley "gypsy" version or a bright skirt with ethnic motifs a la hippie? Depending on what kind of skirt, it is worth choosing and top.

With a romantic airy skirt,look monochrome tight-fitting jerseys and tops. It will be fine if they are trimmed with lace or guipure, this will give your room a mysterious flair. Try to make the top differ in color from the bottom or be a few tones lighter or darker. But the tissues, on the contrary, should be similar. Do not wear a rough jeans with a delicate skirt.

A motley gypsy skirt will attract attention to you, and therefore you need to balance the balance with a plain t-shirt or T-shirt. Use neutral black / white or pastel colors.

Skirt in ethnic style will look greatwith an air tunic, intercepted by a wide leather belt on the hips. It is best if the ornaments on the skirt and on the tunic will echo or they will come from the same range of colors.

Strict skirts

Skinny skirts to the knee or a little lower always give the figure a slenderness and severity. They are the top of elegance, skilfully fitting tight forms, but at the same time observing the limits of decency.

When choosing what you can wear with a skirt of this style, you should consider some of the nuances:

  1. A place. Where are you going to wear such a skirt? If this is a strict office variant, then it is best to combine a business fitted shirt and a jacket. In the warm season it is possible to give preference to light air blouses without sleeves, with a cutout of the boat, which fill in the skirt and do not fit the body.
  2. Goal. Do you want to look modest and imperceptible or impress? In the second case, you can combine such a skirt with a bright blouse with a lush jabot. This will draw attention to you, and visually increase the chest, and it will be an excellent combination for the skirt.
  3. Colour. Skirts of bright color should be combined with calm, monophonic colors. For example, a bright red or peach skirt will look great with a white blouse or tank top.

Pleated skirts

The hit of the last season is skirts in shallowpleating. Such skirts were worn by our grandmothers, who skillfully completed her image with small folds and airy fabrics. But with what to wear a pleated skirt now?

Here everything depends on the length. Skirts knee-deep look best with airy shirts or with blouses. An effective addition will be a thin belt on the hips or waist. But the skirt-pleat in the floor is best worn with tight-fitting T-shirts of contrasting color, to play on the difference of textures of fabric and color.

Colored skirts

Single-colored skirts of bright colors deserve special attention.

To understand what to wear with a white skirt, alsotake into account its length and texture. Although with white skirts you can experiment as you like. With a white mini you can put on a bright colorful shirt, tunic or shirt. Remarkably with it will look and the top of pastel tones. You can use a lot of bright accessories, and you can not use anything - you can do anything with a white skirt.

A little bit smaller than what to wear greenskirt. Best with green and turquoise are combined white T-shirts or blouses that differ by several tones. If the skirt is turquoise, then it will successfully put on top of both blue and green.

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